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Performance @ 2nd Nieuwstraat Festival, 2021

performance script 1 Nieuwstraat Festival

Petra: 16:15
You see a lot when you are standing in one place for an hour. Who is performing right now? People are friendly and greet when they pass. It has stopped raining. The umbrella can go, but it stands so comfortable.

performance script 2 Nieuwstraat Festival

Finding the right spot to stand with the umbrella was the first thing to solve. The corner was quickly chosen, but where to stay exactly? When a couple approached me and splitted up to pass me: one left and one right of me, I decided this was the right spot. It was cloudy and for a few minutes some raindrops fell. Using an umbrella is not to weird then. So most people did not notice me at all and only a few looked suprised at me. The moment the sun started to shine, the last fifteen minutes, the change was remarkable. Now my behavior became weird in the full sun. A got al lot more eyes and remarks.

performance script 3 Nieuwstraat Festival

On the corner of Hofstraat-Nieuwstraat I stood with my back to the terrace of a cafe. I held the umbrella folded in my hand, with the point on the ground. I looked at the end of Hofstraat, my gaze as close to infinity as possible. Concentrating on my breathing, standing took on a meditative character. A supervisor from the municipality stood near me, sometimes I felt that he was standing right next to me. I observed passers-by from the corner of my eye. What is striking is that every person has a different face, even though everyone looks alike. It is humbling.




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